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Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Review

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

I have always had a soft-spot for Microsoft’s peripheral hardware.  Microsoft mice and keyboards have been attached to or paired with my PCs for probably close to 15 years now, and while I know they’re not always the best mice or keyboards you can buy, I’ve rarely regretted the purchase of one.  That’s why when I got my Surface Pro 3, I wanted a Microsoft mouse to go with it.

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Amazon Dash – Easy Buttons

Amazon  recently announced the ‘Dash Button’. These simple devices are one button order takers that allow you to stick them to areas where you may run out of things.  The washing machine (with laundry detergent) is the prime example, simply stick the dash button to the washer, and when you are running low of detergent press the button. It will automatically order the detergent, and send a notification to your phone just in case you change your mind and would like to cancel.  I have volunteered to be in the beta for the Dash Button – and will give my thoughts should I be picked. In any case, easy buttons are coming, and they will be filling Amazon’s pockets.