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The Impossible Project aims for all the Smartphones

The future or the past? You decide!

The future or the past? You decide!

The Impossible Project has recently released a new Instant Lab Universal – which takes pictures from your smartphone and prints them. Physically. The new innovation here is the ‘universal’ tag – allowing many versions of iphone and android devices to be compatible (including Samsung, HTC, Google and Sony). Just install the Impossible Project app and place your phone on the instant lab and ‘voila’ a physical picture – to… y’know use as a bookmark. Or a coaster. You’d never want to use your smartphone as a coaster.

For those of you craving the 90’s – you can pick up the whole device for $249 - or if you already have the Instant Lab, you can grab the upgrade kit for $36. 

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Eero – Networking for the ‘nest’ generation

Eero is the first router that they claim is designed with the large amount of devices accessing the internet in mind.  Ease of use was paramount in its design, and creating or adding people to the network is supposed to be as easy as a click of the button. Will these lofty goals come to fruition? Only time (and pre-orders) will tell.