No Shave November

How to look 15 years younger in just 10 minutes! #LetITGrow

I hadn’t shaved my face in over 10 years aside from trimming therefore my kids only know me as the bearded daddy. So this year for NoShave November, I decided to start fresh with all the other guys on the Venyuvian team. My incredibly talented wife made this fantastic mini-documentary video of my transformation into “high school kid!”

Join us in supporting the NoShave November movement by making a modest donation to the Venyu team campaign.


No Shave November

NoShave November Update

NoShave November - Team Venyuvians Before Picture

Team Venyuvians assembled last Wednesday, November 5th, for the annual “before” pic. Several of us appear to already have that scraggy look – stay the course gents! Curiously, several team members were missing in action on picture day. Don’t know what that was about…

Ultimately, we’re doing this to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues. The goal is to raise at least a grand for the American Cancer Society – support our team here: Team Venyuvians 


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Amazon Echo – the new left-field announcement from Amazon


Amazon surprised everyone today announcing the Echo. A connected “smart speaker” that controls itself via your voice. It works a bit like this – you name your speaker and it listens for that name much like the Xbox or Google Now. You can then ask it to do multiple things – like play music from a playlist, or answer questions, give the weather or set an alarm.

Why would anyone want this? I guess its for those times when your hands are full and you just need some music in your life. More info (including a super-cheesy video) can be found over at Amazon’s product page for the Echo.

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Growing Beards – for Men’s Health

No shave logo


Starting today – many of us at Venyu are going on a journey of manliness. This journey will take us from clean shaven to faces with thick bushy beards – and we are all doing it for men’s health. Yes – we will be participating in No Shave November this year, and if you’d like to take a look at our progress (or contribute a little) head on over to our Team Page . Pictures will be incoming soon – as well as a more in-depth look at this great cause and what it means to many of the guys here at Venyu.

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Smartlocks – perhaps not yet ready for primetime


When Kwikset/Unikey announced the Kevo, I was stoked.  I preordered mine as soon as it was available on Amazon.  I loved the idea of not fooling around with keys or punching in a code to open the door while holding six bags of groceries.  I always have my phone on me, so if I feel like taking the dog for a walk, there’s no searching for keys before leaving the house.  I just touch the deadbolt on the outside of the door and bam, my door is locked or unlocked.

Kind of.

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